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Welcome to The Music Jar
An evolution in production music

For the first time you can search, preview and download from an ever-increasing library of cleared-for-broadcast tracks.

Whether you're after a bit of ambient background music for a website, an orchestral piece for a cinematic production or a signature theme for your next television campaign, you'll find it here and - more importantly * - if the music is used for broadcast it won't cost you a penny in commission or repeat fees. And for non-broadcast use, a small one-off payment ensures you can use the track whenever and wherever you want.

There's several ways to find the track you're after: There's a quick search facility that allows you to begin your search with a single music style, like; rock, pop, indie - or a type of instrument, like; piano, electric guitar, vocal etc.

There's also an advanced search if you have something more specific in mind, this allows you to search by artist/composer, genre/style, mood/feel, instrumentation and tempo.

For bespoke musical requirements, make sure to look at the commissions section.


The Music Jar in action


Splintered - film trailer

A heart-stopping, adrenalin-fuelled journey through this dark, psychological horror film. Featuring dark, aggressive and disturbing music from within the film.


The Butterfly Tattoo - Ball scene

The second scene from 'The Butterfly Tattoo', setting the mood for the rest of this tragic love story. This piece appears only once, at the beginning of this tragic love story which has already received rave reviews.

Newest Tracks

Hotel Brown - Dont look back

Richard D. Bodgers & Max Brodie - Here We Go

Andreas Hauser - Beautiful Love

Ben Lester - State Your Grade

Max Brodie - Whistle While You Walk 5

Jennie Sawdon - Resurrection

Composers choice

A compilation of music, hand picked by our composers to showcase their favourite tracks.

Musicjar is undergoing a revamp

musicjar will return soon with a bigger and broader library, including tracks, cues, stings and loops from some of the UK’s and Europe’s best television, radio and feature film composers – even BAFTA winners! Whether your audio requirement is for use in TV, Film, Radio, Commercials, Corporate Promos, Gaming, Personal Use or YouTube, with musicjar you can become a member and for an annual membership fee, benefit from unlimited access to 1000’s of tracks; pre-cleared, free to download and free to broadcast.

If you are an existing musicjar pay-as-you-go customer, then it’s business as usual. Simply close this window and carry on as always.

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If the information you require is not contained within the music submission guidelines, please contact the music jar on info@themusicjar.co.uk or call the administration office on 0161 374 5191.

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